The Local Self Department, Government of Kerala, publishes the State policy on Solid Waste Management

The Local Self Department, Government of Kerala, publishes the State policy on Solid Waste Management

November 8, 2018 EHS, Industries, Kerala 0

The Local Self Department, Kerala has through an order dated 13th September, 2018 notified the State Policy on Solid Waste Management.


To transform Kerala to a garbage free state and make it an environmentally healthy state by adopting the three principles of:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse and
  • Recycle.

Key Highlights:

  1. The waste generators are facilitated to comply with various provisions under the Constitution, Acts and Rules pertaining to environment upkeep, especially with respect to waste management, thus they must:
  • Segregate and store the waste generated by them in three separate streams namely bio degradable, Non-Bio degradable and domestic hazardous wastes in suitable bins.
  • Process, treat and dispose off the biodegradable waste through composting or bio-methanation within the premises as far as possible
  • Handover the residual biodegradable waste that could not be processed in the premises and the non-bio degradable and domestic hazardous waste to the Haritha Karna Sena (Green task Force) formed and engaged by the local government as per the direction or notification by the local governments from time to time.
  • Wrap securely the sanitary waste like diapers, sanitary pads etc, in the pouches provided by the manufacturers or brand owners of these products or in a suitable wrapping material as instructed by the local authorities and shall place the same in the bin meant for dry waste or on-bio degradable waste
  • Compost the horticulture and garden waste within the premises as far as possible and handover the spill over waste to authorized collection agencies for handling it in the common facility established by the local government.
  • Store separately the construction and demolition waste, as and when generated, within the premises and inform the local government for its disposal as per Construction and Demolition waste management rules 2016.
  • All gated communities and institutions with more than 5000 sq. Metre area and all hotels and restaurants must ensure segregation of waste at source by the generators, facilitate collection of segregated waste in separate streams, hand over bio degradable waste for composting or bio-methanation within premises as far as possible by themselves or the service providers and recyclable material to authorised waste pickers or recyclers. The residual waste must be given to the waste collectors or agency as directed by the local authority.
  • All waste generators must pay the user fee for solid waste management, as specified in the bye-laws of the local bodies
  • No waste generator should throw, burn or bury the solid waste generated by him, on streets, open public spaces, within and outside his premises or in drain or water bodies.
  1. All industrial units located within 100 km from refused derived fuel and waste to energy plants, based on solid waste should make arrangements to replace at least five percent of their fuel requirement by refused derived fuel produced.
  1. All Manufacturers or brand owners of disposable products such as tin, glass, plastics packaging, sanitary napkins, diapers etc., or brand owners who introduce such products in the market must:
  • Provide necessary financial assistance to local governments for establishment of waste management system
  • Must put in place a system to collect back the packaging waste generated due to their production
  • Must educate the masses for disposal of their products after use without causing environmental damage.

Source: The Local Self Department, Government of Kerala

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