New Schedule introduced by the Maharashtra Factories (First Amendment) Rules, 2017

New Schedule introduced by the Maharashtra Factories (First Amendment) Rules, 2017

September 12, 2017 Industry Specific 1

The Maharashtra Government has introduced a new schedule, Schedule VIII-A (“Schedule”) under Rule 57 (prescribed safety precautions for certain machinery) of the Maharashtra Factories Rules, 1963 (“Rules”), effective August 4, 2017. The Schedule prescribes the safety precautions to be undertaken with respect to all types of Power Press Machines (“machines”) including press brakes, except when used for working hot metal.

In line with the addition of new Schedule, two new forms have been introduced –

Form 9A Register of persons appointed to carry out setting or adjusting tools or safety devices on power press machine
Form 9B Report of examination of power press machine or safety device

The Schedule defines power press machines as ‘a machine on which metallic or non-metallic substances are subjected to the operations like blanking, coining, curling, drawing, embossing, forming, piercing, punching, perforating, reaming, trimming, bending, pressing, stamping, raising, mould-making and similar purposes.’

Key compliances under the Schedule –

(i)            Examination and testing of machines and safety devices – All machines and safety devices must be thoroughly examined and tested by the competent person prior to use in a factory for the first time.

(ii)           Inspection and tests of safety devices – Every machine and every safety device thereon while it is in position on the machine(s) shall be inspected and tested by a trained person every day.

(iii)          Maintenance of log book – A log book shall be maintained in respect of all the power press machines and safety devices and the entries shall be made about the observations made by the person inspecting and testing the machines and safety devices.

(iv)         Ensuring age of worker – No worker shall be required to operate or assist in the operation of power press machine, unless he has attained eighteen years of age.

(v)          Issuance of work permit – Work permit shall be issued by a responsible person before carrying out die setting work or maintenance and repair works

Exemption – The Chief Inspector may exempt any factory from complying with the provisions under this Schedule, by certifying the same along with reasons why he believes that the same is not required for the protection of the workers employed on any power press machine. This Certificate may be revoked later.

For further details, please refer to the attached notification.

Source: Maharashtra Industries, Energy and Labour Department

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