EPFO notifies jurisdiction of Regional Offices to conduct enquiries under EPFO Act

EPFO notifies jurisdiction of Regional Offices to conduct enquiries under EPFO Act

July 13, 2017 LAB 0

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (“EPFO”) has notified the jurisdiction of the Regional Office (“RO”) for conducting enquiries under Section 7A and Section 14B of the Employees‟ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 (“EPFO Act”).

Section 7A and Section 14B empowers the ROs for conducting enquiries relating to money dues from employers and recovery of damages, respectively.

The EPFO, by way of the notification dated 22nd June, 2017, has listed down relevant jurisdictions of the ROs for the following types of establishment:

S.No Type of Establishments RO where RPFC-II is in charge In RO where RPFC-I is in charge and RC-II is posted In RO where RPFC-I is in-charge and where RPFC-II is also posted
Establishments with members up to 250 APFC APFC APFC
    2. Establishments with members from 251 to 1000 RPFC-II/Officer- in-charge RPFC-I/Officer- in-charge RPFC-II (C&R)
    3. Establishments with members from 1001 onwards RPFC-I/Officer in-charge

The EPFO has further instructed the following:

(i)            RPFC-1 or RPFC-II of the Regional office cannot assign cases relating to Section 7A and Section 14B,  falling in the original jurisdiction of RPFC-I or RPFC-II, to an officer working under him.

(ii)            The CPFC (Zone), as temporary measure, can assign the 7A & 14B cases falling under the original jurisdiction of RPFC-I or RPFC-II to another RPFC-1 or RPFC-II in the zone only if the workload of RPFC-I or RPFC-II has reached unmanageable limit or where there is no RPFCI/II in the Regional Office on account of transfer, leave or any other reason to be recorded in writing.


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