Virtual In-House Counsel Support

Virtual In-House Counsel Support

A standard problem that many business teams across the world face is inadequate support from the in-house legal and compliance teams. With legal and compliance functions being streamlined, the in-house team struggles to respond to all the queries from the business team within the desired time frame. As a result a lot of the smaller requests – such as standard contract drafting and review, answering of basic queries or vetting of marketing brochures tend to get ignored and often do not get responded to for weeks.  For companies such as those, we have devised the unique Virtual In-House Counsel  support service.

Through this cost effective sourcing model, Lexplosion augments the capabilities of the in house legal teams by providing access to a dedicated offshore team of well qualified lawyers for providing legal support services. We ensure that our service levels emulate the convenience and consistency of “in-house counsel”.

The Lexplosion project team would follow a systematic approach of scoping out the processes along with its upstream and downstream linkages before transitioning the work to an offshore location.

The following set of activities may be considered as in scope as part of the bouquet of Virtual In-House Counsel  support services:

  • Drafting, reviewing and summarizing template driven contracts for various portfolio companies;
  • Responding to standard legal and compliance queries;
  • Conducting statutory and case law research using industry-standard databases on a need basis;
  • Reviewing and analyzing documents pre and post closure of transactions.