Comprehensive Contract Management Software

A solution encompassing the entire contract lifecycle, with intelligent features curated to manage, predict and control all contractual risks.

Contract management and contract tool

What is Komtrakt ?

Komtrakt is a contract management tool. It is designed with a simple user interface and is built with fully automated features, making contracts more simple and easy to use. We understand your pain points while doing contracts, we know how important contracts are, they are the lifeblood of every organization. That is why, you not only need to manage them, but have absolute control over them. With Komtrakt you can manage contracts online as well as offline. It is entirely structured and completely risk free.

Challenges, Conundrums and Complications in Contract Management

No standard processes or workflow in place

Tracking and remembering due dates

Inadequate access control and security

Predicting and Mitigating risk

Lack of centralized repository

Micro and Macro level governance

Increase Your Operational Efficiency with Komtrakt

contract management solution

Komtrakt’s Repertoire of Features

Centralized, Online repository of all Contracts and ancillary documents

Customizable reminders, escalations and notifications

Self Curated Obligation tracker (contractual and non-contractual obligations)

Granular Real-time reports and dashboards

Customisable data points, easily modifiable format and effective search engine

Quick Uploads with drag and drop imports

Cross functional and Collaborative workflows with rights based access

Comprehensive risk analysis and mitigation

Risk Prediction, Cashflow Forecasting and Performance Management

Calendar view of obligations or tasks

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