Komtrakt_contract management

What is Komtrakt ?

Komtrakt is a contract management tool. It is designed with a simple user interface and is built with fully automated features, making contracts more simple and easy to use. We understand your pain points while doing contracts, we know how important contracts are, they are the lifeblood of every organization. That is why, you not only need to manage them, but have absolute control over them. With Komtrakt you can manage contracts online as well as offline. It is entirely structured and completely risk free.

Pain Points of the User

Non-Structured Process of Contract Management Leading to Delay

Decentralized Storage of Contarcts Resulting in Mis-tracking & Retriving Issues

Non-adherence of Approval Mechanism Leading to Exposure

No Access Control and Security Over Confidential Documents

Missing timelines and Deadlines for Renewal of Contracts

Wastage of Time Closing Contracts Due to Non-standard Contract Management

Why our product is the right solution ?

Why do you need a Contract Management Tool

Centralized storage of contractual documents

Reduce the time spent during pre-execution stage

Easy track milestones, obligations & other commitments

Minimize risk through effective contract governance

Key Features

Contract Repository

Online hierarchy-based contract repository or archive

Contract Creation & Amendment

Different type of contract like Service, Procurement, Lease, NDAs

Version Control & Tracking

Allow to track key Vendor, Customer and Contract Information

Auto Archiving

Ability to set the period for retention of different types documents

Get Notifications

Advanced E-Mail Alerts, Calendar Alerts & Work-flow tasks

Reporting & Ease of Access

Track the status of all contracts – Contract List, Expiring Contracts, and Analysis Reports

Obligation Tracking

Tracking the obligations set by two parties. Once the obligations are agreed the tool keeps a track of all completed and incomplete obligations.

Work on contracts offline and online

You can work on contracts offline through your desktop version and save it in the local drive, once online you can save the file in you cloud storage.

Review System

Simultaneous reviews by multiple persons

Search Module

Search any text from contract documents