Automated, Comprehensive Audits and Due Diligence

Everything you need to carry out a quick, comprehensive audit of any function or operating unit

Launching Komplied an Automated Compliance Audit Tool

Komplied Brings Awe Into Audits

Komplied Dashboard
Instant set-up and commencement of audits
Highly Configurable to manage all types of entities, functions and operating units
Unlimited number of audits
Logic driven questionnaires to assess gaps and risks
Secure, SaaS solution that allows customisations for specific audits
Centralised repository for proofs
Comprehensive reporting with analytics

Komplied - An Intelligent & Collaborative Software That Ensures Comprehensive Audits

  • Covers all industries and operating units
  • Questionnaire based assessment
  • Multiple, simultaneous audits
  • Automate assessments
  • Identify Gaps and non-compliances
  • Assess Risk
  • Report KPIs
  • Maker-checker roles allows to assign auditors
  • Monitor audit progress
  • Notify users of upcoming due dates
  • Granular analysis
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring

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