Ministry of Labour and Employment invites comments on the revised ‘Draft Model Welfare Scheme for Building and Other Construction Workers’ till 10th August, 2018

Ministry of Labour and Employment invites comments on the revised ‘Draft Model Welfare Scheme for Building and Other Construction Workers’ till 10th August, 2018

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The Ministry of Labour and Employment (“Ministry”) has issued the revised ‘Draft Model of the Welfare Scheme for Building or other Construction (“BOC”) Workers’ [“Draft Model”]. Suggestions, comments and inputs have been invited from the stakeholders and general public by writing an e-mail to The suggestions, comments, inputs will be considered till 10th August, 2018.

Key Highlights of the revised Draft Model:

(i) Life and Disability Coverage: In addition to the minimum coverage of Rs. 4 Lakh, in case of accidental death and, Rs. 2 Lakh in the event of natural death to the dependants of the deceased beneficiary as given in the Draft Scheme, the Draft Model also provides for giving compensation within 60 days from the date of death of the beneficiary.

(ii) Education Coverage: The Draft Scheme provides for Scholarship of Rs. 3,000 per year for 2 children of the workers studying in class 9 to 12 and up to Rs. 12,000 per year for children of workers undergoing ITI’s, vocational courses, graduation and professional courses. However, the Draft Model has further restructured/recategorized the classification basis the education status of the ward and enhanced the coverage amount accordingly. These are as follows:

(a) Class 1 to 5 at the rate of Rs. 1800.

(b) Class 6 to 10 at the rate of Rs. 2400.

(c) Class 11 to 12 at the rate of Rs. 3000.

(d) Graduation courses at the rate of Rs. 10000.

(e) Post Graduation courses at the rate of Rs. 12000.

(f) ITI/Vocational course/Professional Course at the rate equivalent to annual fee of Govt. institutes/colleges

Additionally, the ward of the beneficiary is also required to maintain 50% of the annual attendance in the class.

(iii) Health and Maternity Coverage: The Draft Model proposes to formulate a scheme to extend health and maternity benefits to Building and Other Construction (“BOC”) Workers and their families through ESIC and the State BOC Welfare Boards may make the required contributions to bring BOC workers under the purview of ESIC fold. Until such scheme is formed, the Draft Model has further modified the coverage and following benefits will be provided to BOC workers:

(a) Reimbursement of expenses up to a prescribed limit in case of major diseases as listed by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

(b) Paid maternity leave to registered construction workers ranging from 90 days to 26 weeks for up to two deliveries.

(c) Rs.6000/-per delivery for up to two deliveries to the wife of the registered construction workers, which will be in addition to any other benefit received from any Government Scheme in this regard.

(iv) Skill Development: The Draft Model has further modified the coverage as provided under the Draft Scheme with a view to upgrade the skills or diversify by acquiring new set of skills. The BOC workers will be paid stipend and training expenses and such training period may be limited to once in 3 years. This benefit can also be extended to the dependants of BOC workers without any stipend.

(v)  Housing Coverage: The Draft Model has reframed the coverage under Draft Scheme and respective states will take active steps to facilitate transit accommodation/labour shed cum night shelter, mobile toilets and mobile crèches to BOC workers in the areas of their concentration prior to their finding work.

(vi) Pension: The Atal Pension Yojana or similar scheme suitable for BOC workers in consultation with PFRDA while keeping in mind its sustainability in the long run e.g. for BOC workers in the age group of 18-40 years , the State Welfare Board may pay 50%of the contribution to the Atal Pension Yojana scheme, subject to a maximum of Rs.1000 per month. The remaining 50% contribution must be given by the worker.

Source: Ministry of Labour and Employment 

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