Ministry of Home Affairs clarifies on industries/ activities exempted from lockdown order; specifies further exceptions to the same

Ministry of Home Affairs clarifies on industries/ activities exempted from lockdown order; specifies further exceptions to the same

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The Ministry of Home Affairs (“MHA”), through an Order dated 25th March, 2020, amended the guidelines issued earlier through Order dated 24th March, 2020. The Guidelines were issued by MHA with a view to implementing lockdown in the entire country and specified certain exceptions so that essential services are not interrupted.

The Addendum to Guidelines provides further clarity on exceptions. The same has been provided in the following table:

Earlier Position Clarification/ Additional Exception
Clause 3

Hospitals and all related medical establishments including their manufacturing and distribution units, both in public and private sector including dispensaries, chemist and medical equipment shops, laboratories, clinics, nursing homes, ambulances etc. were permitted to remain operational. Transportation of all medical personnel, nurses, para-medical staff, other hospital support services are also permitted.



Veterinary hospitals, pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Research labs included in the exempted list.

Clause 4

Commercial and Private establishments to be closed down.


(b) Banks, insurance offices and ATMS

Exception for Banks has been extended to include IT Vendor for banking operations; Banking Correspondent as well as ATM Operation and cash management agencies.


Furthermore, the following exception has been added –

  • Data and Call center for Government Activities only;
Clause 5

Industrial Establishments to remain closed.




a.    Manufacturing units for essential commodities;

b.    Production units which require continuous process shall obtain relevant permission from the State Government for keeping open;


Exception (a) has been more clearly defined as follows:


Manufacturing units of essential goods, including Drugs, pharmaceutical, medical devices, their raw materials and intermediates.


Two new exceptions have been added:

·         Coal and mineral production, transportation, supply of explosives and activities incidental to mining operations;


·         Manufacturing units of packaging material for food items, drugs, pharmaceutical and medical devices;


Clause 6

All transport services – air, rail, roadways – will remain suspended




  1. Transportation of essential goods only,
  2. Fire, law and order and emergency services.
New exceptions have been added to clause 6:


·         Operation of Railway, Airports and Seaports for cargo movement, relief and evacuation and their related operational organisations.


·         Inter-state movement of goods/ cargo for inland and exports


Cross land border movement of essential goods including petroleum products and LPG, food products and medical supplies have been permitted;

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs

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