Maharashtra Government introduces One Time Payment of Tax Scheme, 2019 (optional) for enabling payment of tax in advance for persons enrolled under the Maharashtra Profession Tax Act, 1975

Maharashtra Government introduces One Time Payment of Tax Scheme, 2019 (optional) for enabling payment of tax in advance for persons enrolled under the Maharashtra Profession Tax Act, 1975

February 28, 2019 Industries, LAB, Maharashtra 0

The Finance Department, Government of Maharashtra has in a Notification dated 22nd February introduced the One Time Payment of Tax Scheme, 2019 which will serve as an optional scheme for the payment of tax in advance, for a person enrolled under the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1975 (“Act”).

The Department has further informed that the Scheme will be held as enforced with a retrospective effect since 1st April, 2018.

Key Highlights

To avail the benefit under the Scheme, the conditions and restrictions imposed are as follows: —

(i)     The person must be enrolled under the Act.

(ii)   The enrolled person may opt the Scheme on the department’s website at any time after his enrolment.

(iii)  Such enrolled person opting for the Scheme must select the period for the Scheme as well as tax rate applicable to him and has to pay requisite amount as provided in the TABLE annexed to this Scheme.

(iv)  The Scheme will be restricted to the period selected by an enrolled person. Such person may opt for the Scheme again after earlier period under the scheme is over.

However the benefit can be availed at a time for a minimum period of three years up to a maximum period of thirty five years.

(v)   The amount payable as per the TABLE (refer to the attachment) requires to be paid electronically.

(vi)  The enrolled person who has discharged his liability for payment of tax for a total continuous period of five years by making payment in advance of a lump-sum amount as per clause (a) of sub-section (3) of section 8 of the Act, prior to 1st April 2018, may also opt for the Scheme after completion of such period of five years.

(vii) The enrolled person who has already paid Profession Tax for the year 2018-2019 or has paid any lump-sum amount on or after 1st April 2018 for the periods starting from 1st April 2018, can also avail the benefit of Scheme by paying the balance amount payable for the period opted under the scheme as per the TABLE.

(viii) If the enrolled person, who has availed the benefit of Scheme and has discharged his liability of Profession tax for a particular period, joins any employment during the period covered under the Scheme then, such person must furnish to the employer ‘One Time Profession Tax Payment Certificate’ in Form A (refer to attachment) appended to this Scheme. In such case his liability to pay profession tax will be restricted to the amount paid under the Scheme and the employer will not be liable to deduct Profession Tax of the said person until completion of his period under Scheme.

(ix)  If the enrolled person has paid the Profession tax under the Scheme for a particular period and subsequently he is covered by any other entry having higher rate of tax than the rate applicable at the time of opting the scheme then, his liability to pay tax will not be varied due to such change in the entry under Schedule I (refer to attachment).

(x)   Once the amount is paid under the Scheme, no refund of the amount paid will be granted under any circumstances.

(xi)          If it appears that, the person has availed the benefit of the Scheme by suppressing any material information or by furnishing any incorrect or false information or, if any suppression of material facts is found then the benefits availed under the Scheme will be withdrawn. Such person will be liable to pay   tax at the rate specified in Schedule I of the Act.

Source: Finance Department, Government of Maharashtra

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