Goa PCB issues instructions with respect to inspections for all categories of industries

Goa PCB issues instructions with respect to inspections for all categories of industries

October 5, 2017 EHS 0

The Goa State Pollution Control Board (‘‘PCB’’), in a circular dated 26th September 2017, has provided directions to the Board for its expedited functioning and redressal of complaints.

Key highlights –

  1. Inspections with respect to any applications received for Consent to Operate/ Renewal of Consent/ Consent to Establish from Red Category Small, Medium and Large Scale Category Industries shall be conducted within 7 working days and the inspection report shall be put up online within 24hrs/1 working day post inspection in lieu of Compliance Inspection under The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974  and The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 .
  2. There will be auto-renewal of Consent to Establish and Operate for Orange and Green Category Industries (Small, Medium and Large Category) on submission of self-certification in the format (Annexure II) and on the payment of applicable fees.
  3. The time frame for inspection/sampling of effluent, emission of different categories of industries will be as follows:
SN Size of Industry Category of Industry Frequency of visits and effluent sampling
1 Small and Medium Scale Red Once in 12 months
2 Small and Medium Scale Orange Once in 3 years
3 Non-Polluting SSI/ tiny units covered under procedure of simplified consent (small scale) Green Once in 3 years on random check basis
4 Large Scale Red Once in 3 months
5 Large Scale Orange Once in 6 months
6 Large Scale Green Once in 12 months
  1. With regard to Green Category (low risk) industries, physical inspection, with a history of satisfactory compliance, has been exempted. Moreover, on production of self-certified documents by the Green Category industries, such units shall be exempted from routine inspection.
  2. Consent to Establish shall be granted to all categories of industries with a validity period of 5 years by the Board.
  3. Consent to Operate/ Renewal of Consent to Operate shall be granted, by the Board, with a validity period of 5 years to Red Category Industries, of 10 years to Orange Category industries and of 15 years to Green Category industries, with proportionate increase in fees.

In case of industries which are listed as White Category industries in the categorization carried out by the Central Pollution Control Board, as adopted by the Board in its 122nd meeting, the Board will not insist for Consents from them.

SourceGoa State Pollution Control Board

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