Goa Government rolls out the Information Technology Policy 2018; tries to bring in ease of doing business, incentivize IT industries and provide certain exemptions

Goa Government rolls out the Information Technology Policy 2018; tries to bring in ease of doing business, incentivize IT industries and provide certain exemptions

August 27, 2018 Goa, IT and ITeS, OPS 0

In a Notification No2(15)/DoIT/2017-18/Goa IT Policy-2018/624 dated 18th July, 2018, the Government of Goa has introduced the Goa Information Technology Policy, 2018 (“Policy”). This Policy has been conceived with  the following objectives in mind:

  1. Develop state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide for at least 8,000-10,000 working spaces.
  2. Provide economic support for early stage investments.
  3. Incentivize IT companies/units to employ female professionals.
  4. Provide a hassle free and proactive governance and regulatory user experience for IT investors.


This Policy is applicable to IT units from all over India which seek to invest in Goa.

Key highlights of the Policy:

  1. Ready- to -move- in IT Infrastructure- For the immediate requirement of the industry, the Government will  make available affordable warm shells or ready to move in plug-and-play office spaces on lease basis.
  2. Fiscal Incentives- Through the following provisions and subsidies, the Government intends to render financial support to New and Existing Units investing or expanding in Goa.

    [Note: The Units availing similar financial incentives under any other policy of the Government of Goa are not eligible for availing benefits under this policy.]

  3. Lease Rental Subsidy- All New & Existing Units can avail a rental / Lease reimbursement on the built-up office space lease/rent, up to 50% of the Annual Lease Rentals (60% in cases where 30% or more of the employees are women) for a period of 2 years. In order to avail the benefit, the unit should be operational for at least one year prior to the date of applying for the incentive. 
  4. Registration & Stamp Duty Subsidy- All New and Existing Units shall be eligible for reimbursement of the stamp duty, such that the registration and stamp duty charges will not exceed INR 100/- and the excess amount paid to the authorities concerned will be reimbursed. This subsidy will be provided in full, at the end of two years from the start of commercial operations or from the date of Notification of the Policy; whichever is later.
  5. Exemption under Labour Laws- All New and Existing Units can function 24x7x365, in three shifts. New and Existing Units would be exempted from inspections under all labour laws, barring inspections arising out of specific complaints. The New & Existing Units would be permitted to file self-certifications, to ensure compliance as per the labour laws.
  6. Ease of doing Business (“EoDB”)-

 a) Single Window System: As part of the Government of Goa’s endeavor to promote EoDB in the State, the IT Department will support the Industries Department in developing a web based single-window portal for all types of investments in the state, with a special focus on Information Technology. The portal will enable registration of the IT units, facilitate two-way communication with the Government for updates and reminders on regulatory matters, and access to the repository of information on all state-level compliances that are required for the units. Through the single window portal, the Government will also provide a channel for the units to provide policy inputs to the Government.

 b) Time-bound Approvals: Through the single window system, all decisions regarding incentive approvals and payments will be provided within 90 working days, subject to due compliance to the procedures by the applicant.

This Policy will  remain in operation for a period of five years from the date of notification in the Official Gazette, i.e., 16th August, 2023.

SourceGoa Gazette

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