Why Comply – Can’t I Bribe my Way Through?

Increase Revenue

  • Attract international buyers
  • Do business with large local companies
  • Qualify for e-commerce platforms
  • Participate in global tenders

Reduce Costs

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Avoid Penalties
  • Shun bribes
  • Reduce legal and compliance spend
  • Lower management time in managing compliance

Excite Investors

  • VCs and angel funds love to invest in compliant businesses
  • Easier bank loans
  • Be due diligence ready
  • The Companies Act, 2013 requires the Board to certify that you are compliant
  • Attract big names to the Board as independent director

Avoid Surprises

  • No inspector or notice will scare you
  • No sudden arrest warrant
  • A planned compliance lifecycle
  • Know of every change in law

Manage your Compliance using Komplify


  • Fully automated, input business details know your applicable laws for free.
  • Customise your own compliance library.
  • View your compliance by
    • Individual operating units,
    • Business functions frequency,
    • Nature of compliance.


  • Get email alerts well before compliance date.
  • Get compliance alerts from your calendar
  • Know of changes to compliances.
  • Know of new laws.


  • Choose your compliance team (users) online.
  • Know your compliances by operating unit.
  • Allocate compliances to users at the click of the button.
  • Use calender to manage your compliances.


  • Generate customized compliance reports .
  • Slice and dice by operating unit, nature of compliance users.
  • Get online compliance certificates.
  • View compliance on your calender.

Komplify Product features

Our Pricing

Payable Quarterly/Annually

Less Regulated

Rs. 2999 per month
499/- per operating unit per month
99/- per user per month
All Modules
All states
Critical compliance

More Regulated

Rs. 4999 per month
799/- per operating unit per month
99/- per user per month
All Modules
All states
Critical compliance

Non SMEs

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Customized for Your organization needs
All Modules
All states
Critical compliance