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Directorate of Health Services, Kerala issues guidelines for proper laboratory sample collection, transportation and diagnosis of NIPAH Virus

June 7, 2019 EHS, Healthcare, Kerala 0

In light of the recent events, the Directorate of Health Services, Kerala has issued guidelines for proper laboratory sample collection, transport guidelines and diagnosis of...

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Government of Kerala postpones levy of Kerala Flood Cess till 1st day of July, 2019

June 4, 2019 Fiscal, Industries, Kerala 0

Government of Kerala in its 14th Legislative Assembly has issued a Bulletin No. 659 dated 29th May, 2019 to postpone the levy of Kerala Flood Cess on goods and...

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Kerala Pollution Control Board adds industries which were previously not included in the Red/Orange/Green and White category

February 25, 2019 EHS, Industries, Kerala 0

n a recent circular dated 8th February, 2019, the Kerala Pollution Control Board has added industries which were previously not included in the Red/Orange/Green and White category list...

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AERB shuts down operation of some Medical Diagnostic X-Ray machines which are non-compliant with radio safety requirements at different districts in Kerala

January 10, 2019 Healthcare, Kerala, OPS, Pharmaceuticals 0

In a recent website update dated 8th January 2019, the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (“AERB”), has informed about the shut-down of operations of some of the...

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Clinical Establishments can now apply for Provisional Registration certificate under Kerala Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2018, starting 1st January, 2019

January 2, 2019 Healthcare, Kerala, OPS 2

The Government of Kerala, in a newsflash floating in a website has stated that, all Clinical Establishments under Modern Medicine (including Dental, Laboratories and Diagnostic and Imaging Centres)...

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Kerala Government prohibits release of motor vehicles involved in accident/s, if not insured against third party risks

December 21, 2018 Industries, Kerala, OPS 0

The Transport (B) Department of Kerala, through a notification dated 24th November, 2018 has amended the Kerala Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 by prohibiting the release of Motor Vehicles involved...

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Unauthorized Flexes/Advertisement Boards to be charged under the provisions of IPC; action to be taken against perpetrators, says Kerala High Court

December 11, 2018 Industries, Kerala, OPS 0

In a recent order in Writ Petition (C) No. 22750 & 25784 dated November 13, 2018, the Kerala High Court has directed that every unauthorized Flex Board /...

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Kerala Labour Department proposes to revise Minimum wages for employees employed in Sweeping and Cleaning; invites comments till 2nd December, 2018

November 30, 2018 Industries, Kerala, LAB 0

The Department of Labour, Kerala (“Department”) has in a Notification dated 2nd October, 2018, proposes to revise the rate of minimum wages payable to the employees employed...

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Kerala State Pollution Control Board digitizes the process of submitting periodical monitoring report by industries and establishments

November 10, 2018 EHS, Industries, Kerala 0

Kerala State Pollution Control Board (“Board”) has in a recent notification, informed, that the submission process of periodical monitoring reports and all communication in this...

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The Local Self Department, Government of Kerala, publishes the State policy on Solid Waste Management

November 8, 2018 EHS, Industries, Kerala 0

The Local Self Department, Kerala has through an order dated 13th September, 2018 notified the State Policy on Solid Waste Management. Aim: To transform Kerala to...

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